Enviro Health Solutions

Francois Engelbrecht and Steven van Gylswyk have quickly become part of the Africa Mercy crew! Since July 2018, Francois and Steven have made three trips to the Africa Mercy to carry out their pest control treatment plan, ensuring that the ship is kept clean, hygienic...

Joan Kotze

“I like to encourage,” says Joan. “That’s me - I’m an encourager.” “Would you like to learn how to tie a suture?” says Joan Kotze (ZAF), winking at me from behind a makeshift operating table set up in E ward of the Africa Mercy. Dr. Romaric, a Beninise surgeon cuts...

Surgical Need

Mercy Ships provides surgeries on board hospital ship, Africa Mercy, for the poorest of the poor in developing nations. Local medical professionals are trained to improve the quality of healthcare in their country.

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