Marie Madeleine is incredibly smart. In addition to speaking Wolof and French, this 13-year-old is learning English on top of her studies. She loves school, but there is one class she cannot participate in—physical education. As her classmates run around the yard, Marie Madeleine watches from the sidelines with dreams of playing soccer one day.

A severely tight muscle contracture has caused her knee to bend in the wrong direction, thus affecting her ability to walk.

The day before her surgery, Marie Madeleine, full of hope, talked about her new life, already excited about how she will walk faster and even run after her surgery!

Marie Madeleine walked through the wards after the surgery that straightened her legs. With a big smile on her face, she is standing tall and walking with confidence.

Marie, orthopedic patient, walking for the first time after surgery with Suzette Griffioen, Physical Therapist.

Marie Madeleine has a lot to smile about – the casts are finally coming off! It’s been a long journey, but the finish line is in sight. At this rate, she’ll be able to get back to school in no time!

Marie, orthopedic patient, having her cast removed.

The Africa Mercy Rehab team is hard at work helping Marie Madeleine restore strength and function in her legs—ensuring that what was achieved in the operating room will last for the years to come.

Rehabilitation, at times, can be painful. Fortunately, our volunteer physical therapists make it as fun as possible for our patients. For Marie Madeleine, the rehabilitation process was the final step to healing and living her new transformed life.

Marie, a post-op orthopedic patient, takes final walk and balance tests in rehab tent before discharge.

Marie Madeleine has always emitted an admirable confidence. Throughout her life, she has been surrounded by love and acceptance from her family and friends. She was never treated differently because of her deformity. Yet now, with straight legs, she’ll never even have to worry about being treated differently!

Marie, a post-op orthopedic patient, takes final walk and balance tests in rehab tent before discharge.
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