When Diacko was about three years old, his legs began to bow. Other kids made fun of him, and soon, even his own friends called him “the bowlegged boy.” 

It wasn’t until the arrival of the #AfricaMercy in Senegal that Diacko’s mom, Youma, began to feel a glimmer of hope. Maybe her six-year-old could be healed after all.

“People told me I had to go to doctors to get help before it got worse, but I didn’t have money for that. So I just stayed home waiting for something to come from God—for God to come and help me.”

When Diacko’s mom, Youma, heard about Mercy Ships, she brought her son to see if free surgery was an option. God was about to answer Youma’s prayers.

Diacko and Youma coming up the gangway of the Africa Mercy

“When I heard that some people are here helping poor people have medical care, I came to see them.” Youma and her son, Diacko,  climb the gangway and enter the #AfricaMercy where help, hope, and healing are about to be found.

Rehab volunteers caring for Diacko

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