Transportation is one of those ‘behind the scenes jobs’ that many will only notice if something is not right,” says team leader Manda Andriamanga. “We contribute to the overall Mercy Ships ‘engine’ by ensuring that our vehicles are maintained and available to transport patients and volunteers, whenever required.”

“It has been a privilege to be part of this vision and this community,” says Manda Andriamanga from Madagascar. “Leading the Transportation and Maintenance Team has challenged me to be my very best week-in and week-out, in order to respond to the demand. Thankfully, I had a wonderful mentor who taught me so much, and who I miss dearly. I have found myself asking: ‘what would Tom do?’ on a routine basis.”

Luke Martin from Canada has volunteered as a Maintenance Assistant with the Africa Mercy for a total of thirteen months. “My favorite memories of serving on the ship include the many friendships with other volunteers and day crew, as well as the opportunity to make patients, recovering from surgery, smile and laugh after a long time of cultural rejection.”

While volunteering onboard the Africa Mercy, Anna Potter served both as a HOPE Center administrator as well as a transportation and maintenance administrator. “It is an amazing community to work and live with,” says Anna. “It was also wonderful to witness the friendships between patients, volunteers and day crew, and to be able to support our patients by visiting them in hospital or interacting with them at the HOPE Center.”

Patrick Hermann from Canada served as a vehicle mechanic onboard the Africa Mercy for eight months. “A highlight for me was working with, and befriending, the day crew from Senegal,” says Patrick. “And while we worked really hard, we still found the time to laugh and joke with each other.”

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