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Since 1978, Mercy Ships has delivered services to more than 2.84 million direct beneficiaries.  The countries served by Mercy Ships are ranked as the poorest in the world by the United Nations Human Development Index.

Mercy Ships has provided services and materials in developing countries valued at over $1.74 billion, including the following:

  • Performed more than 105,500 life-changing or life-saving operations such as cleft lip and palate repair, cataract removal, orthopaedic procedures, facial reconstruction and obstetric fistula repairs.

  • Performed over 488,000 dental procedures for over 187,000 dental patients.

  • Trained more than 6,600 local professionals (including surgeons), who have in turn trained many others.

  • Trained over 49,000 local professionals in their area of expertise (anaesthesiology, surgery, nursing, biomedical engineering, instrument sterilisation, trauma, leadership).

  • Taught over 252,000 local people in basic healthcare.

  • Completed over 1,110 infrastructure development and agricultural projects.

  • Provided over 53,300 ophthalmic, life-changing surgical procedures and performed more than 380,000 eye consultations.

  • Since 2005, provided palliative care for more than 330 patients and provided instructions to their caregivers.

  • Since 2009, trained and updated the methods of over 320 nutritional agricultural trainers serving a number of well-established NGO’s in Africa.

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